Friday, March 28, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things

The best thing about Spring? It's got nothing to do with all of the flowers blooming, I can tell you that. All the pollen in the air just makes me sneeze. Fuck flowers. No, the best thing about Spring is driving around with the windows down. Not only do you get to have the wind blow through your hair as you cruise around, but you can yell at other people about their horrible driving, and they can actually hear you. If you're super lucky, they'll be driving around with the windows down too, and holler back. Just yesterday I cursed at a dumbass in a huge truck who honked at me for using a four way stop correctly, and then we exchanged fuck yous. It was delightful. I love Spring.


Mellon said...

glad you're back again for the first time.

Geoff said...

That might have been me i nthe truck!!! How dare you use a 4 way stop correctly! Happy Spring!

even though I didn't read this until summer.