Monday, November 27, 2006

Dance Dance Revolution and the Battle Haiku

My friend Peter and I have been playing a lot of Dance Dance Revolution lately (we have SuperNova for PS2). It's a lot of fun and a really good aerobic workout. The only problem we had with the game was that it didn't keep track of high scores. I take that back, it does keep the score, it just doesn't let you put in your initials next to it. What's the point of keeping high scores if you can't tell whose is whose, and lord your superior skills over your friends, right? So being insanely competitive, as far as video games go at least, we made a notebook full of blank spreadsheets so that we could keep track of our scores, and mock eachothers poor dance skills. Here's a little example of what I'm talkin' about.

That's the sheet for the song "Funkytown", you'll notice my initials (JAH) by the highest scores, while Peter (PJK) lags behind me. This is true on every song on the Basic level, and all but a couple on the difficult setting. In celebration of this, and in blatant mockery of Peter's dancing skills I left a battle haiku on the front of the score book, which I thought I 'd share with everyone.

A Haiku for Peter

by Jason A. Hurley

Hurley rules Dance Dance

PJK is but a slave

To Hurley's rythm

Tomorrow I'm heading out to the thrift stores. Maybe I'll drop in here and give you all a few pics of the swag I pick up.


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