Monday, January 08, 2007

My Weekend Adventure Part 1

Thursday, January 4, 11:55 am
I’ve just arrived at Jeremy’s house, and he’s still upstairs in the shower. I let myself in to the house, hopefully I don’t scare him too bad when he finally gets down here and finds me. We were supposed to meet at noon by the way. I thought about going upstairs after he was done, but then I remembered what happened to Seth, and I decided it would be better to just stay down here.
I thought about doing a 24 hour comic today. Not the kind you do on 24 Hour Comic Day, the other kind. If you don’t know what it is, it’s doing a quick one panel strip every hour in a 24 hour period. I was introduced to the concept by one of the fellas at Stumblebum Studios. It can be put together into a nice little 24 page mini comic. Anyway, I decided not to do it because a) I really don’t think I’m going to be awake for 24 hours, and b) The first hour strip would have just been me looking up internet porn, and nobody wants to see that. Regardless, I’m going to try and do a couple of strips each day American Elf style. I won’t be able to scan and post anything ‘til I get home, but hey, that’s better than nothing, right?
I see that confused look in your eye (I am big brother). “What the hell is this whole Weekend Adventure thing about anyway?” your asking. Well I’ll tell ya. Jeremy Haun and I are heading to Kansas City for a few days. We’ll be hitting Elite Comics in Overland Park today for Jason Aaron’s Scalped signing. Afterward I think there’s some sort of party or something. Friday we don’t have any particular plans, but we’ll probably see some friends, and catch a movie or something (probably Pan’s Labyrinth). Saturday is the big signing that is the main focus of the trip (at least the part where I’m with Jer), a big signing at Astro Kitty Comics in Lawrence Kansas. Jeremy and the aforementioned Jason Aaron will be there, alongside B. Clay Moore, Seth Peck, and Tony Moore. It’s gonna be sweet. On Sunday, Jeremy will be heading home, but I’ll be sticking around KC, and meeting up with my boys Josh and Tony (not Moore) to head to the WWE pay per view New Year’s Revolution. Last I heard we were going to stay in KC Sunday night and come home sometime on Monday.
More later as the mood strikes me.

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