Tuesday, January 09, 2007

My Weekend Adventure Part 2

Thursday, January 4, 6:45 pm
Here we are at the hotel, and even though I was hoping to post this blog in somewhat real time, ‘tis not meant to be. The only way to get internet access here is to pay for it, and I’m not paying $10 a day for it here, when I only pay $15 at home for the whole damn month. Regardless, I’ll keep on with the writing, and if I get a chance to post it, I will.
We just left Elite, where Jason Aaron was signing his new book, Scalped. It totally rocks, and you should go out and buy it immediately. Seriously, it’s about a dude on an Indian reservation (The Rez), who starts kicking the local gangster’s asses with his nunchuks. Yeah, nunchuks. Totally fucking awesome.
Now we head to the bar for the after party.

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