Tuesday, January 09, 2007

My Weekend Adventure Part 5

Tuesday, January 9, 11:10 pm

Here we are two days later, and I think I’m finally going to finish this damned thing. Where were we? Ah, yes, Sunday afternoon.
Jeremy dropped me off at Aunt Patty and Uncle Barry’s (not my aunt and uncle, Tony’s [and a big shout out to them, for letting us crash]) where I met up with Tony and Josh. After I regaled them with stories from the most awesome strip club ever, we headed up stairs for a fine home cooked meal, and as much booze as we could pack in before the show. Dinner consisted of spaghetti, with turkey sausage and marinara sauce, and a portabella mushroom lasagna. The lasagna, I didn’t try due to my extreme dislike of mushrooms, but that turkey sausage was killer.
We drank until our cab showed up (we is safe drinkers), and then got on our way to New Year’s Revolution. Our cabbie was hella cool, he really liked wrestling, and he even agreed to meet us after the show so we didn’t have to try and get somebody else. Once we got in the show we bought some more beers, and jumped in our seats, which just happened to be fucking great. We were about mid way up the first section off the floor, just opposite hard camera (the main camera angle), which means we were probably on TV quite a bit (I haven‘t checked yet), and we had a great view. The show was awesome, it featured a couple of really great matches, including my first live cage match. By the end of the first match, I could already feel my voice slipping from all of the screaming I was doing. I talked to Josh just this morning, and he can barely speak he’s still so hoarse. We started some great chants that seemed to entertain all the people around us, but none of them would join in. At one point Josh and I (Tony was getting more beer) were bowing down to the awesomeness that is Ric Flair, and he pointed into the stands, right at us. All in all it was a great time. A really good show, from the best seats we’ve ever had. After the ride home, we started to watch Idiocracy, but I couldn’t stay awake for it. The next morning Josh and Tony got up, I would follow shortly after noon, and we headed home. I spent most of the car ride typing up Part 4 of this beast, and then we were finally back home. My weekend adventure had ended, but thankfully I have a couple of days to recover from it before I have to head back to work.

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