Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Two weeks!?! (All Class 2)

Yeah, okay, so i'm not real good at this timeliness thing, or this proper grammar thing, but I'm back!

I wish I had more time to post, but my friend Peter just called and told me he'd been bit on the head by a spider. God only knows how that happened, but now I have to go to work early so he can head to the emergency room. The pansy.

The one thing I really wanted to get posted was this

All Class - Episode Two - It Must Be All The Hormones They Feed The Cows

P1: Hurley is talking to an attractive young woman. He leans on the wall next to her, and is obviously putting his mack on.
H: How you doin’?

P2: Deadman walks up with an equally attractive, equally young looking woman.
D: Hey Hurley, I want you to meet my sister Cindy.
D: I see you’ve already met my niece, Brittany.

P3: Cindy talks to her daughter, as Hurley looks on in horror, and Deadman gives him a death glare.
C: Hey sweetie, you got your homework done, right?
B: Yes, mom.

P4: Hurley looks at Deadman, who keeps up his death glare.
H: Mom?
D: Fourteen, asshole, fourteen.

See ya'll on the flipside,

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