Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The "All Class" Premiere! (All Class 1)

All I've got for you folks today is the first installment of my previously mentioned webcomic with no pictures, All Class. It's all about the adventures of Hurley, and his best friend Deadman. Some of it's based on real occurrences, most of it's not. Enjoy.

All Class - Strip One - I'm Gonna Be A Big Star

P1: Hurley lays on the bare ground, drunk off of his ass, whiskey bottle still in hand. Deadman stands over him looking down in disgust.
D: Dude, couldn’t you have passed out in the back yard so no one could see you.

P2: Hurley points into the sky.
H: That’s a big fuckin’ star, man!

P3: Deadman looks up to where Hurley is pointing.

P4: Deadman looks back down at Hurley, even more disgusted than before.
D: That’s the moon.
Thanks for stopping by, we'll see ya next time.

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