Monday, April 23, 2007

Mash it, mash it real good

Hurley gets Tromatized!

Here it is folks! The preview I promised yesterday of my first published story!

I wrote a 10 page story for the new Troma Anthology coming out soon from Devil's Due, based on their movie Redneck Zombies. The story will be illustrated by my close personal friend, Jeremy Haun. It's got everything you could possibly want in a comic (particularly a Troma comic) boobs, slapstick, and the walking dead!

What the hell is that blog title all about?

Today I found a thread on Matt Fraction's Image Comics Message Board about music, and happened upon a link to The Best of Bootie 2006. It's a collection of some of the best Mash-Ups of the year. In case you've been living under a rock (or in a backward ass country like Australia) and don't know what a mash up is, it's pretty simply two songs mashed together. Generally it's the lyrics of one song laid over the beats of another, but sometimes it's a crazy medley of tons of stuff.
I have a serious love for mash-ups, and I'll download just about anything that has even one artist I've heard of in it. There's some really good stuff on the Bootie collection, and their page contains links to the pages of all the participating DJs.

I think I might watch too much TV
I watched the first season of The Wire this past week, and I must say, it didn't thrill me. It's an interesting show, and I really like the concept, but it's slow. Really slow. I know that if I had seen the first episode on TV, I wouldn't have tuned in the next week. Since I had it on DVD though, I watched the whole season, but I don't think I'll be sitting through season 2.
The question, really, is "Is TV on DVD a good thing or a bad thing?". I wouldn't have watched this show on TV, but I watched a whole season on DVD. I liked it, but I thought it was overall pretty "blah", and the end of the season wrapped everything up so nicely, I don't feel any need to return to the show.

Whatever. I'm gone.


Jason Aaron said...

When I see you this weekend, I'm afraid I must punch you repeatedly in the chest and face area for not wholeheartedly loving The Wire.

Jason A. Hurley said...

I love it the same way I love your mom. It's really slow, and not near as exciting as I thought it would be. /wink/