Friday, November 23, 2007

Turkey Day

Well, I'm sitting here at the Kansas City Airport, witing for my flight home, thinking about how I never get a blog done despite my best intentions. Then, it dawns on me that the airport may have free wi-fi, and indeed they do, so here we are.
I left home on Wednesday evening, after a great comic day that saw the release of a new Goon Hardcover OGN, the first issue of the new Hawaiian Dick ongoing series, and the third Fourth World Omnibus. I headed to the airport only to find that my simple 40 minute flight was delayed by almost 2 hrs (making faster for me to just drive, but hey, such is life). Luckily working at the airport gives me a distinct advantage over the other stranded passengers, as I simply headed down to the fire station to watch a little Ninja Warrior (which, if you've never seen it, is one of the most amazing shows on cable TV), while I waited fro the plane to arrive.
The flight itself was nothing special, but I struck up a conversation with a leggy blonde (who's name I unfortunately never got) in the security area. Ah, security, that was interesting. Before I tell you about the "random" pat downs, let me give you a rundown of the 8 people on the flight.

The cute leggy blonde
A very sweet old white lady
A middle aged white businessman
and four Oriental guys who spoke very little English on their way to Vegas.

Four of the eight of us got "random" checks. Any guesses on who? Now, please understand this is not a reflection of the TSA in Joplin, they're all fine folks who I count among my personal friends. I know how their screening processes work, and the pat downs (selectees, they call them, apparently that's less offensive than foreigners) are assigned by a computer long before the local TSA officers ever see a passenger list. This a national problem, and I know I'm not the only one that's noticed.

*steps down, puts away soap box*

Upon my arrival in KC, my parents met me at the airport, and whisked me away to a great Indian restaraunt called Swagat in Zona Rosa. We ordered the "dinner for thre", since there were three of us and all, but it turned out to be a lot more like a dinner for six, and we ended up with a ton of leftovers. The food was exceptionally good, particularly the lamb curry. Once we got back to the house, Dad hit the hay, and Mom and I stayed up to watch The Class of Nuke 'Em High. My Mom has always been highly accepting of my love of bad movies, but has taken a particular interest in Troma films since my Redneck Zombies short story (with art from the often mediocre Jeremy Haun) was published in the recent Lloyd Kaufman Presents The Toxic Avenger and Other Tromatic Tales GN(plug, plug!)

Well, that's Wednesday at least. My computer's about to die, and we should be boarding soon, so I better cut this off. More later though, I promise.

Peace out.

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