Wednesday, September 19, 2007

It's just barely Wednesday, Gimme a Break (All Class 9)

All Class - Episode Nine - Porn, ‘Nuff Said

P1: Deadman and Hurley sit and watch the tube, as Louise comes storming out of the bedroom.
L: Hey Deadman, guess what I found in the DVD player this morning.
H: Busted!

P2: Louise screams her accusations at Deadman, while Hurley tries in vain to stifle his laughter.
L: Porn! I found porn, D! What? I’m suddenly not enough for you?
H: Pfft.
L: Stay out of it, Hurley!

P3: Louise looks at Hurley in shock as he launches into a diatribe. Deadman, as usual covers his face, ashamed that his best friend is such a colossal douche.
H: Actually, Lou, I think I can explain Deadman’s feelings on this one.
H: Every once in a while a guy has an urge to see a little blonde get blasted in the ass by a gigantic black dude. Since you’re not the kind of girl who enjoys getting her ass blasted, and DM’s not a big black man, he has to satisfy those urges some other way.

P4: Louise holds up a copy of “Big Black Ass Blasters Vol. 9”
L: This is yours isn’t it.
H: Of course.

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