Tuesday, August 21, 2007

It's Tuesday, And I Think We All Know What That Means. (All Class 6)

All Class - Episode Six - In Da Club

P1: Hurley and Deadman sit at a swanky strip club watching the stage show. Deadman sits back sipping on his drink. Hurley leans forward for a better look, clutching a fistful of singles.
H: My god! I love America!
D: These girls are awfully hot…Don’t tell Lou I was here. Okay?
H: I won’t if you promise never to bring her up again while I have a hard-on.

P2: Hurley points to a girl across the club giving lap dances. Deadman follows his gaze.
H: Check that chick out.
D: What exactly is she doing with her ass?
H: It’s like she’s clapping with her cheeks

P3: They continue staring in amazement.
D: How the hell does she keeping slapping them together like that?
H: I don’t know, but I’m gonna find out!

P4: The dancer comes by Hurley and Deadman in her round of the room. Deadman looks at Hurley, and utter embarassment covers his face.
Stripper: Either of you fellas like a lap dance?
H: I would if you’d do that trick with your ass for me…
H: on my nose!

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