Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Stickin' wit' it.


Today, the plan was to review a couple of new books, and post my Chicago con report. Life, however, decided that would be a bad idea. After I locked myself out of the house yesterday while I was hanging laundry (don't ask), I went to hang out at Haun's house, watch a movie, and play with his kid. On the way home, the real trouble started.

I was driving along rocking out to a little Arctic Monkeys, when suddenly my CD player just stopped. As I was examining the player, and by examining I mean hitting it in hopes that that would turn it back on, all of my cabin lights went dim, and so did my head lights. The battery was pretty much dead by the time I got home, but what could I do about at 2 in the damn morning? Today, I woke up early to go pick up the new comic shipment, and the car started up just fine. Crisis averted right? Wrong. About halfway to UPS the lights all dimmed again. "Well," I says to myself, "just leave it running when you stop, and worry about it when you get back home." Obvious solution right? I mean, the car can't run out of electricity while it's running right? Double wrong. I parked, things seemed fine. I began filling out my money order, and things weren't so fine anymore. The car ground to a halt, and absolutely refused to turn back on (the bastard). I ended up walking home from the UPS station, lugging a box of comics with me, an cursing the world.

Jeremy was nice enough to take me to retrieve the car this afternoon, and give it a jump, so I could make it to the Autozone (that short trip was a whole other story, which I won't tell here, since it'll scare my mom) where they informed me that the battery was dead because the alternator was dead. Basically, I've been running the car completely off of the battery, and the engine hasn't been recharging it as it runs like it's supposed to. The moral of the story? Hurley needs to learn more about cars.

Tomorrow, a short review of The Bourne Ultimatum, and maybe that con report.

Til then,

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