Monday, August 06, 2007

I'm really not too good at this...

Regular posts suck. Sporadic posts rule!

Or maybe I'm just lazy.

I went to San Diego last week, just like 1.2 billion other people, and had a pretty damn good time. I didn't get nearly enough sleep, I drank WAY too much (at least that one night I did), and I was sick by the time I left for home, but I got a work offer, sold a couple mini comics, and met a couple personal heroes, so I'd call it a win.

Tomorrow, seriously, a new All Class strip. Hopefully, it will become a Tuesday tradition.

I have seen a copy of the new Troma comic anthology, and have been assured it will hit comic shops this month. More on that come release.

I'm heading to Chicago this weekend for the big con with Clay Moore, and Jeremy Haun. You can find us, and other fine folks, against the back wall of artist alley.

Til' then kids


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