Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The New Tuesday Tradition Continues (All Class 5)

All Class - Episode Five - Lou-Lou’s Mom Has Got It Going On

P1: Louise and Hurley sit outside at a coffee shop.
L: My mom is meeting us here, please don’t hit on her.
H: C’mon Louise, you know me better than that.
L: I’m serious, she’s pretty hot, and I hate it when my friends hit on her.
H: Fine! Fine! I promise.

P2: An attractive woman approaches the table, and Hurley jumps up to greet her.
Woman: Hurley, how are you doing today?
H: Hey there, sexy lady! What are you doin’ here?

P3: Confusion covers Hurley’s face as the woman turns to Louise.
W: I just came out to meet my little Lou-Lou for lunch.
H: Little Lou-Lou?

P4: Louise and her mother hug, Louise looks over her mother, and gives Hurley the death glare. Hurley stares on in wide eyed amazement.
L: Hi mom. I guess you and Hurley have already met.

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